Friday, 4 May 2012

Lady GaGa Looks Depressed After Split From Boyfriend

This week, GaGa split from her long term boyfriend, 'Vampire Diaries' star Taylor Kinney. The young star looked sombre today in Hong Kong.

Gaga recently launched her brand new tour; The Born This Way Ball. Sources say 'she just wants to concentrate on her career right now.' With a third album in the pipeline, and huge producers working on it, friends believe that something had to give- sadly, her relationship with Kinney comes in second to her career.

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Her outfit, black and white, with will wonka style glasses, fits in with her more recent, elegant styling. A far flung cry from last years outrageous leather, rubber and ridiculous hair. 

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Gaga has let her mane grow, in an effort to become more commercial for designers. Its said she wants to attract people, not alienate herself.

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